Konsert "Tsapluzaïre" - Simon Guy & Romain "Wilton" Maurel frå Vest-Telemark.no

Konsert "Tsapluzaïre" - Simon Guy & Romain "Wilton" Maurel

Galleri Sondov

Rjukanvegen 17, Rauland

3864 Rauland

In old french, « Tsapluzaïre » were the local wood carvers. Literally translated, "tsapluzaïre" means wood shavings maker.

Rooted in French folk and rural music, Simon Guy and Wilton Maurel have honed their own craft carving fiddles and crossing bows. Through traditional « Bourrées » and original fiddle tunes, they breathe new life into an ancient tradition.

Romain «Wilton» Maurel:
Fascinated by what he calls « Common Agricultural Poetry », Wilton has been using words and music in different collectives, bands and theatre companies for about a decade. After having grown up in an oral tradition at « les Brayauds » (a traditional music and dance non-profit organization in Auvergne), he went on stage at the age of 8, playing fiddle for dance. A fiddler and storyteller, he combines the two expression to create a soulful musical and theatrical art of his own. In 2013 he became co-director of the Theatrical company « l’Auvergne Imaginée », where he brought his writing and music, and experimented with a new musical form in collaboration with different musicians from free-jazz to contemporary music (including Clément Gibert, Christian Rollet, André Ricros, Sylvain Marty, Bernart Combi). He has also been performing with the « Flying Tractors », a classic rock band, since 2013.

Simon Guy:
Raised on the music of The Beatles and other '60s psychedelic bands, Simon went back to the roots of this music and discovered folk music, which soon became his main musical focus. He later co-created and owned his own folk radio show for two years on a radio station in the south of France. Simon evolved through different musical styles such as pop, jazz and traditional music. After teaching, gigging and touring regularly with a number of musicians from France and Europe, he moved to Ireland where he played with Dublin-based contemporary acoustic band Pine Marten, and Persian/Irish ensemble Navá. Back to France in 2016, he immersed himself in the landscape and the rich fiddle tradition of central France where the road goes on.

Debut EP available on Bandcamp.com (free listening):


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