Konsert "Niwiński Band" frå Vest-Telemark.no

Konsert "Niwiński Band"

Rauland internasjonale vinterfestival

Rauland, Rauland

3864 Rauland

Niwiński Band are students of village musicians, as well as practitioners and researchers of the music traditions of Central Poland. They seek the root sounds of village music, and have instigated and participated in many initiatives focused on the revitalisation of local music traditions. The band’s repertoire includes oberkas, powiślaks, chodzones and polkas, but they also perform tunes typical of urban dance parties, such as tangos, foxtrots, and waltzes. The band also performs wedding ritual melodies.

Mateusz Niwiński (violin)
Agnieszka Niwińska (baraban)
Mariza Nawrocka (basy/vocal)
Dominika Oczepa (violin)


Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland

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