Konsert med MIR på Årestoga frå Vest-Telemark.no

Konsert med MIR på Årestoga

Raulandsakademiet as

Akademiet 2, Rauland

3864 Rauland

Vel møtt til konserten med M.I.R. (bio nede) på Årestoga på 29.11., kl. 20:00. Fri inngang. Dans og fest før og etterpå.

M.I.R. bio:
In times where the world is flooded with plastic bags and flattened edges, M.I.R. is a raft that four burning souls hold on to. M.I.R. is self-written songs and post-folk music from rural Telemark. Equipped with their secret weapons, Jonathan, Frederic, Mattias and Johanna paddle between tradition, authenticity and the dark forces of Mordor. M.I.R. is:
Jonathan (FR) [base, fiddles*, voice]: the power of shaping, subterranean octaves
Frederic (NO) [guitar, fiddles*, voice]: strange devices, enlightening choruses
Mattias (NO) [drums, synth]: modern Jazz spiritual kung fu drumming
Johanna (GER) [voice, fiddles*, organ]: architect of the M.I.R.-dimension portal, true words
Together they sail from island to island, looking for the rocket that will take them to the moon. M.I.R. is ecclesiastic exultation on a galactic level.

*[e.g. hardingfele, flatfele, oktavfele]

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